Evolving Your Wealth™

Verde Wealth Group is an independent wealth advisory firm specializing in comprehensive wealth planning. Our philosophy and process set us apart, as our focus is on creating a personalized, holistic plan that evolves with your dynamic life. 
Our clients are people looking for a true partner in designing and executing a financial plan that achieves their unique short-term and long-term goals. We do this by gaining a deep understanding of your priorities and objectives to set a solid foundation that can continuously evolve throughout your life. Our desire is to help you achieve the best possible life with the resources you have. 


Business owners experience many emotions during the company’s evolution … optimism, triumph, fear, doubt, elation. Once successful, the entrepreneur may feel like working “forever” though they may desire a less time intensive role. They also want their endeavour to endure, not erode through taxes or lawsuits and provide for their family for a lifetime. At Verde, we advise established business owners through their transition phases. It’s a difficult process which takes years and requires understanding beyond finances. When someone is used to making their own money, it can be hard to let their money now take care of them. Patience, expertise and empathy are worth their weight in gold.

Our clients who have experienced sudden wealth from inheritance, “overnight” business success, oil profits, etc…express many emotions upon or leading up to the event. Forefront on their mind is what to do with the money. They receive advice from many sources, some welcome, some not. At Verde, we do not rush to make recommendations. We first gain a full understanding of what the client values most. The money is new but the client’s core values have not changed. It takes time to sift through what options fit best now that the client has the means to make it happen. 

Losing a loved one is an indescribable event experienced differently by each person. Since we work with clients from the beginning of their journey to accumulate wealth, it makes sense that we continue to stand by their side at the end of the journey. At Verde, we have unique expertise in guiding clients through the estate transition process while the client works through the emotions that come with losing someone. We collaborate with the estate attorney translating for the client the often complex laws that surround estate planning. We ensure affairs stay organized and support the client along the way. Though this does not fill the loss, it brings some peace of mind knowing that we are handling the details and ensuring that life continues financially uninterrupted.

Executives have a unique opportunity to create significant wealth through the executive benefits offered by their companies. They may build wealth in one stock or defer compensation to avoid current taxes. They have busy lives both professionally and personally and rarely have the time or desire to sift through their benefits to fully understand them. At Verde, we endeavor to fully understand the executive’s benefits and compensation in order to advise on the best options suited to the client’s goals. We advise on tax diversification strategies, when to reduce concentrated company positions, what benefits to select and how all that fits in with the client’s personal goals and situation. We help clients keep what they’ve earned and prevent complacency from eroding it.

Retirement brings our clients both joy and trepidation. We work with many clients well before retirement to help them accumulate what they may need in retirement. The most crucial time to consider an advisor is 3–5 years before the big event. Our Verde process, “Evolving Your Wealth™”, allows us to keep clients accountable based on what’s most important to them. We point out the potential dangers along the way so each client can make informed choices and avoid potential pitfalls where possible. The goal is to create a smooth transition delivering more joy than trepidation.

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